Tuesday, March 14, 2006

First Blog

The title doesn't look very apt... This is not the first time i have blogged. I did create a couple of blogs which have fizzled out coz i was lazy and not regular.
You might be wondering whether this will last or not. great your guess is as good as mine. Never the less one thing which i observed in my past experiences with blogging is i really cann't maintain a blog if there is no central thread. i mean i just cann't sit in write what ever i think every day.
I kind of contemplated this when my last blog became history. So i decided i will try a different approach. i don't know if this works but i don guess i am some one who gives up soo easily. The thing which i think of too often is an MBA. i want to do an MBA. I dreamed about it too long. I am working as a SE from the past 2 years and i guess i am ready for an MBA. This year i will give a good go for my MBA and this blog will be a testimonial for that. i will discuss my preparation and my thoughts and information i gather from people about things which revolve around an MBA.


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